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Carillon Beach, A Gem of the Emerald Coast

by Rita Montgomery

Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines the French word carillon as “a set of fixed chromatically tuned bells sounded by hammers controlled from a keyboard.” At the original keyboard was New Orleans architect Lloyd Vogt, who sought to build a pedestrian-friendly community with a variety of bells, if you will, in the form of amenities, architectural elements, and homes that would honor its stunning setting on the Gulf Coast. Vogt’s imagination arranged a thriving property that began in 1991 with infrastructure and now boasts a community where guests and owners enjoy the best aspects of beach life.

Carillon is unique in that homeowners and visitors can park their cars and leave the driving and stress behind. The town is designed so that you can stroll, peddle bicycles, or cruise in golf carts to countless amenities and, of course, the beach. Everything is convenient. There are few reasons to need to leave the community. Eight separate walkovers protect the dunes and provide easy access to the sand and Gulf. Families and friends may swim at Bellview Park Pool, Beach Club Pool, East Side Pool, or The Resort Pool. Exercise options abound through Paradise Fitness, the tennis courts, the basketball court, Yoga Elements, and walking paths throughout town. Children find friends and wonderment at the playground and playhouse, and friends may gather to enjoy special events or just to catch up in one of the gorgeous, open-air, public pavilions. In downtown Carillon, restaurants cater to all ages with delicious menus and atmospheres. The beloved community surrounds 13-acre, heart-shaped Lake Carillon, where owners and guests fish, paddle board, and kayak as they observe numerous species of birds and other animals. Market Street at night is illuminated by the moon and twinkle lights. The scene beguiles the senses with music, food, art, and shops that remind patrons of the New Orleans French Quarter.

There are no wrong turns in this lively yet leisurely community, and all roads and pathways in Carillon Beach lead to the gorgeous, 50-foot bell tower in Carillon Circle, where bells sing on the hour every hour. Not far away, the Health and Wellness Pavilion stands tall with the following inscription in a circle above eight Greek columns: SCIMINI LUXTA MARE DIES NUMERARE OBLIVIO. In English, the words read, “Near the sea, we forget to count the days.” Time in Carillon Beach takes on such a different form and feel that many people likely do forget what day it is, but I am certain that with every chime from the tower’s 35 bells, people stop and count how lucky they are to be standing in the perfect, quaint beach community.


Rita Montgomery has taken exceptional care of 30A homebuyers and investors for over eighteen years. She was born in Parker, Florida and now calls 30A home. Rita has been recognized multiple times for exceptional performance as a top agent in the luxury real estate market and has superb working relationships with buyers and sellers up and down the coast. Contact Rita at 850.819.5749 or Search available properties at

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