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Charting New Waters with Thankful Hearts

Reflecting on 2020

As I write this letter and we head to press on the 15th issue of COASTAL LUXURY MAGAZINE, we are in the fourth quarter of what has proven to be an unprecedented year.
From a global level to our local communities and individual families, 2020 has brought many changes that we never anticipated.
Continuing upon 10 years of appreciating home prices, the first quarter of this year started off with exceptional performance in our local real estate market. In March, in the midst of exciting market energy, the unforeseen pandemic hit. That led to shutdowns and necessary adjustments to our lives and businesses as we all navigated COVID-19 and prioritized safety and health. This year has been one of varying challenges for many, and our hearts go out to all who have experienced tough times, health battles and losses. In the midst of tough times, we have been reminded of the things that really matter and what we hold dear. Now, more than ever, we cherish our families and our relationships above all else. Thanksgiving is just around the corner. The wild year of 2020 has reminded me to be thankful for the simple things. To give thanks daily. To tell others I am thankful for them.
In terms of our local real estate activity, we exited the shutdown with a whirlwind of momentum, and this year is panning out to be one for the history books. Sales volumes have climbed, and pricing has rapidly appreciated, as you may see on the following two pages.
We are grateful for the success of our local coastal home market, but we are ever mindful of a larger perspective as we move into the Thanksgiving season. We thank our family of Sellers and Buyers for trusting us with the care of their real estate investments. We thank our team members at COASTAL LUXURY for supporting one another on a daily basis. We give thanks for our community, for our friends and, most of all, for our families.
Waves of changes have crashed onto our personal shorelines in 2020, but as I go on my late afternoon walks on the beach, I see the things that remain unchanged. The waves still rush in, the sand still wiggles between my toes, the sun still sets with a majestic beauty. And I think of how very thankful we are for the added goodness of living along this gorgeous coastline, with its emerald waters and sugar white sands. We wish you and your family health, happiness and thankful hearts as you enter into new seasons.

Warmly from the beach,

Erin Oden is the principal
broker and owner of COASTAL LUXURY, a real estate firm that maintains a strong emphasis on intimate market knowledge and expertise in the luxury and Gulf-front market. Erin can be reached at 850.502.1220 or Or
stop by COASTAL LUXURY, located directly on 30A, the first office east of Alys Beach. Search all available properties at

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