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Meet the Beast!

Meet the Beast!

A Children’s Book about a Favorite Local Dog

Just in time for the New Year, this new book is a sweet, adorable story of a little dog trying to discover her perfect name as she travels to a faraway land. In this beautiful, hard-bound children’s book, the outcomes of her adventures result in a mighty presence, a surprisingly bold request, and a victorious ending. Our little adventurer becomes “Beastie” and that so pleased the Queen.

“Even though the actual story doesn’t take place on 30A, every character is a part of my family, and we are proud to be locals! Sir Henry and Beastie are our dogs, Sir Captain Gregory is my husband, Princesses Natalie and Elizabeth are my daughters, and Sir Peapod was our cat. My daughters helped me write the book 4 years ago. There are so many things in the book that actually bring back memories and details about our family. We really did go through a similar exercise to name Beastie. Also, when my daughter Elizabeth was young she could not pronounce her own name, so she did indeed call herself “BC”. And when my youngest daughter Natalie was little, she called her sister “Fifi” for whatever reason. It’s so sweet to me and I’m so glad the story has been so well received. It warms my heart so much to see a child enjoy the book. At one of my last book signings, a little girl named Sienna gave me the biggest smile and then an unexpected huge hug. I almost cried.

This book is dedicated to the inspirations in my life: my two wonderful and beautiful daughters, Elizabeth and Natalie; my amazing husband, Greg; our black mutt, Henry; and last, but not least, our 9 lb Beastie girl. In memory of our beloved cat, Peapod.”

– Keri Atchley, Author



Written By Lynn Nesmith

Lover of dogs both great and small (and cats too), a devoted wife, and an amazing mother to two growing girls, Keri Atchley does it all. Many characters in the book are based upon her family and her fur-babies. She is the newly accomplished author of the best “dog-gone” children’s books to come along in ages. Keri is also a graphic designer and talented artist who creates engaging branding and imaging for a host of corporate clients and entrepreneurial friends. With more than two decades (140 dog years) of experience, Keri is the founder of Design360, a full-service graphic design studio and a boutique publishing company. Keri’s imaginative touches take a front seat with the design and publication of numerous Design360
coffee-table books, including The Dogs of 30A, 30A Style, Coastal Dunes Lakes,
30A Living and 30A Memories. And last but not least, Keri is a yoga master. Her favorite poses? “Cat Pose” and “Downward Dog,” of course!

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They can also be found locally at Sundog Books, The Hidden Lantern, Quincy Avenue Art & Things, Drift 30A Home & Gifts, Shunk Gully and the Dog Harmony kiosk in Grand Boulevard.



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