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On the Gulf – The Joy of Waterfront Living

We recently sat down with the McGees, who own a stunning 30A Gulf-front beach house and shared the allure of their waterfront lifestyles.

Laurie and Brian McGee give insight into the lifestyle joys of living Gulf-front in Grayton Beach.

How did you discover 30A? 
We first started our love affair with 30A in the
90s when we came as a family to Seaside from Atlanta. Our children were young and we loved the opportunity to unplug and unwind and spend quality time together.

What were the original visionary elements and features that you wanted to bring to life in this home? What are the unique highlights of this exceptional residence at 60 Auburn Drive?
Obviously the greatest feature that we wanted to highlight when designing our home is the natural beauty of Grayton Beach and the Gulf. To take full advantage, we designed the entrance with a storefront entry that allows you to see the emerald green water before you ever enter the home.  The negative edge design of the pool on the second deck allowed us to eliminate any deck railing, which opens the eye to full unobstructed views of the beach and Gulf.

What do you love the most about living along the Gulf Coast, and particularly on the beach?
The joy that families, especially children, have at the beach is wonderful to witness on a daily basis and never gets old.

What tidbits do you have to share with the future owners of 60 Auburn Drive?
Never take for granted the blessings of the front row seat that allows you to be a witness to the awesomeness of Grayton Beach.

How did you make the decision to build your beach home here along 30A, and, specifically, on Grayton Beach?
We lived in Watercolor for five years before deciding to purchase our lot on Grayton Beach. We loved the beauty of Watercolor but had very few full time neighbors and were missing the sense of community. Grayton has a strong core of full-time residents, many who have spent 50+ years here, who are strong stewards of the neighborhood and are always looking for ways to improve Grayton while maintaining the small town feel. Also, being bordered by state parks on the east and west sides of town helps keep the beach less crowded.

What have been the highlights of living waterfront on the Gulf?
Living with the beach as your backyard makes the logistics of enjoying the beach so much easier. For most of the summer we keep our Hobie Cat on the toe of the dune so we can have it in the water in five to ten minutes. We can walk down and watch the sunset at a moment’s notice, and there’s always a cold beverage (and a bathroom) a few steps away.

What is your favorite part of living here? What do you love the most?
Grayton Beach is am enchanted place where families can come and spend quality time and enjoy the beach. It’s unpretentious and has an old Florida, small town feel.

What is your favorite time of year here at the beach?
The fall, after the first cold front has blown in, is a magical time. The north wind calms the water and the deep blue of the Gulf is unbelievably beautiful. When the dolphins are playing near the shore at the same time, you think you must be in heaven!

What are your favorite pastimes and memories?
With four young grandchildren, our greatest memories will always be introducing them to the beach and seeing the love they have for it. They all had sand between their toes before they could walk!

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