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Rooftop Views in Alys Beach Have All the Elements

“Alys Beach is one of those unique places in the world, like Venice, or Paris or Santorini, where the roofscape is almost MORE beautiful than the streets below. To sit on a terrace high above Alys Beach with friends — whether in the cool shade with the breeze from the Gulf beyond or gathered around a warm fire with the stars arching overhead in the indigo sky — is to be transported to another place, another time. It is absolutely beautiful and an endlessly satisfying experience. We always endeavor with our roof terrace designs to give the homeowners many different ways to enjoy these unique spaces, from season to season and from morning cappuccino to evening cabernet.”  – Ron Domin and Douglas Bock of Domin Bock Architects

Alys Beach architects honor spectacular Gulf views by building and furnishing impressive rooftop terraces. While Alys Beach is an experiment in New Urbanism, the gleaming community pays homage to ancient ideas.

Early cultures (notably ancient Greeks and those in the Far East) recognized and wrote about five basic elements of existence. All acknowledged earth, water and fire, but they differed on the last two elements, choosing between wind, metal, wood, sky and space. One could say that Alys Beach residents and visitors experience a mix of all of these elements at once simply by standing on rooftop terraces of the pristine community’s unique homes. Consider how the elements complement one another in unique combinations.

Architectural masterpieces rise from foundations and perch among carefully placed and cultivated native plant species. From the rooftops, people gaze through dancing palm fronds to take in sugar white beaches that line vast emerald waters. Water in the Gulf is special. The green-blue waves change with the weather and sun but always offer perspective and a horizon. Rooftop dipping pools are ideal for cooling off after a day of work or, better, a day of beach excursions. Imagine lounging in an elevated pool and sipping a cocktail with a loved one while a fire crackles to your right and the ocean waves goodnight. Fires and hearths welcome conversation. Many Alys Beach rooftops have custom-built fire pits. Now that models can use gel fuel, propane, natural gas or wood, landscape architects can create custom looks for Alys Beach terraces.
Breezes from the Gulf rustle the trees and cool onlookers as they drink and dine under shady pergolas. These stunning rooftops allow residents to safely watch a thunderhead roll in from miles away. Alys Beach home designers mix metals, wood, glass, stucco and other construction materials. Everything featured is high end and in keeping with Bermudan and Greek styles. Rooftops may have metallic or rattan furniture with plus cushions. They include dining and lounging spaces. Some areas are enclosed by handcrafted wood railings, while others send the eye to dramatic arches and domes. Warm white stucco hugs beautifully appointed furniture from which residents can lean back and gaze at the limitless Florida sky — look past the railings to watch the active Gulf, or simply look around to admire the exquisite rooftop spaces. Whatever direction, elements of natural beauty and man-made magnificence combine to touch the spirit.

Photos by Kurt Lischka, Moon Creek Studios

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